The Boroondara Interfaith Network  is a network of people from the different religions, faiths and traditions in the City of Boroondara. It aims to create awareness and dialogue through building relationships that nurture harmony, and deepen understanding and respect in the community.

Through the Network, Council works with interested members of these communities to deliver interfaith gatherings and activities for the municipality. This network is a forum for Council to build relationships with and between community and faith leaders, organisations and residents of diverse backgrounds.

It aims to:

  1. Foster harmonious relationships between Boroondara community members of different religious and cultural backgrounds and perspectives.
  2. Develop an inclusive and open network of interested faith community members and leaders representative of the diversity in the City of Boroondara.
  3. Assist Council to communicate, consult and engage more effectively with Boroondara faith and cultural communities.

Please see the Terms of Reference 2013-15  for further details about the network and its operations.

Annual Planning Meeting 

At the beginning of each year there is a planning meeting for all members to reflect on the previous year, give feedback, and determine the themes for the upcoming year. The next meeting is scheduled for February 2015. Details will be sent around to members later this year.

Calendar of Events

At the annual planning meeting, network members select themes for the four upcoming events .  Dates, times and venues will be determined as the planning for each event takes place. All members are welcome to participate in event planning teams and may be interested in hosting events in their communities/organisations.